The Author



Esther W. Wright, Author of Sliced Bread: Food for the Spirit, is also known by her pen names E. W. Wright and E. Adams Wright. (The latter is in honor of her mother, Viola, her first hero and ongoing role model).

Esther deeply appreciates the creative, restorative, life altering ability of words. She recognizes that words can also wound and truth is absent from the rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” So she strives to focus on the Eternal WORD, and to speak and write more of words which heal, uplift and encourage, and less of those which wound. Esther lives in Bryan, Texas, and unapologetically believes that Trader Joe’s roasted plantain chips have no equal and time spent with loved ones nourishes spirit, soul, and body.

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Inherent in this one-word question is a search for answers,
a pursuit of information or understanding.
Sometimes it is rooted in childlike curiosity.
At other times, it is a desperate cry in the face of the previously unimagined,
that which turns them into me, into us:
The bereaved.
Survivors of an earthquake or other natural disasters,
or personal events with an emotional impact of tsunami-like proportions.